The style of 2022: Earrings For the Win!

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The new year transitioned over a new virus variant, and further evidence that lockdowns are here to stay. 2021 had a major shift in terms of casual fashion from 2020, and 2022 looks as if it will ride on similar lines.
With work-from-home continuing, and more digital interactions taking place, earrings will once again be the fashion statement of the season. Last year, we saw minimalist and pearl earrings being the choice of the town, but this year we could see the inclusion for few new styles.

Here are the styles that experts at CatchAJewel think will dominate 2022:


Korean Fashion Earrings

Jewelry Earrings

With the rise in the popularity of K-Pop fans, Korean Jewelry is the trend setter in the market. The appeal of the range is its geometric design which is complemented well with a minimalist look and feel. It makes way for the perfect choice for casual wear, work wear, as an accessory or for parties. The versatility of the set makes it a go-to choice in earrings especially in the below 30 segment. These are also lightweight, comfortable and convenient to wear.


Long Chain Drop Earrings

Style Earrings

A simple and exquisite design, styled for a minimalist look. The long chain earrings will stay as a top choice even in 2022. The trait of the range is its versatility in terms of design options which offers a wide range of variants choices to choose from. The visibility of the earring is also another appealing factor for its popularity. It is here to stay as another popular choice in the upwards of 25 segment.


Hollow Design Earrings

Women with an earring

A youthful vibe amalgamated with a trendy and stylish design. The hollow design earrings offer a range of trendy styles that are among the most-loved earrings in the segment. This range has been really popular in the casual and work wear segment in 2021. The range offers unique minimalist design options that can be conveniently complimented with all kinds of ethic, modern or fashion wear.


Retro Circle Hoop Earrings

Model with an earring

A popular choice in the modern design range. The Retro circle hoop earrings is loved for its sophisticated design which is complimented with a simplistic touch. The range has opened a totally new category in semi-professional and professional earring range with its versatility of style. These are also an active choice for parties and special occasions, going well with ethnic and modern outfits. A top style of 2021 that should again be a preferred option this year.


Summer Style Drop Earrings

Hoop Earrings on cup

This earring range will be a top choice of 2022. With the drop design, they are a notch up than the usual minimalist earring range. They have been loved widely for their fresh style and the bold sense of fashion. This range is an exquisite wear that is a perfect amalgamation of elegance, style and flair. The choice range is enormous with multiple style variants across multiple colour options. A definite top-seller this year.


Vintage Fashion Drop Earrings

Collection of Minimalist Earrings

One of the most popular finds of 2020 is the resurgence of vintage fashion earrings. This range has time and again proved to be a go-to choice for women worldwide. They come with a high-quality design range played well with a retro look and feel to it. These are not only popular among the millennials, but even for gen-z fashion. Set primary in gold, they offer silver, pearl, rose gold and polished black variants.


Big Circle Trendy Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings

Last, but certainly not the least. The classic style of big circle hoop earrings will again be in the top trends for this year. Hoop earrings is a reliable choice of style statement because of its versatility and its uniqueness. Easy and comfortable to wear, they can be perfect compliment across ethnic styles, modern work wear or minimalistic fashion. Our projection estimates a dominance of silver over its gold counterpart this year. Overall, a great choice to go with.



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