Buying a Jewelry Rings for Women: 5 point checklist for Men (Comprehensive Guide)

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Rings are the most prominent symbol of love. It is the prized possession that not only is the perfect accessory, but also a sentiment of togetherness. For couples, a ring makes way for a perfect gift to showcase their affection for each other.
But, let’s face it, buying an engagement ring can be a daunting task. You scroll through thousands of options and yet you cannot select which one would be better. Gold, silver, platinum, all can be lucrative, yet none could be the right option.
So, how does one decide on the perfect purchase?
Experts at CatchAJewel got together to collate a comprehensive checklist for you to find the right jewelry. We went through customer feedbacks on what problems and pain points they faced while making the purchase. Understanding the parameters we have collated 5 pointers that are a must-look before your search for the perfect jewelry begins.
Here’s what you need to keep in mind before buying a ring:
  1. Understand her preferences
As the first step, it is important to understand what her choices are like? You go out with her, check on what jewels she is wiring. Is it gold, diamond, platinum or sterling silver? Even though it may not a universally accepted fact, but every woman has her choices. If she wears mix and match of metal types, try and notice for what occasions she wears them. Once you note that down, you will have a very good idea of her preferences. As an added layer, you can also prioritise metals on the list as per choice. For eg: 1) Gold 2) Diamond 3) Platinum, and so on. Once this is established, you’ll have a very good foundation to work your way up on selecting the perfect jewelry option.
  1. Specify your budget
One of the important steps in a jewelry purchase is your understanding of how much you want to spend. There’s a jewelry for everyone in the market. You start at single digit or go upwards of four digits to find the right one. So, it is very important to establish a budget. If you are failing to make a budget, make a scale of your maximum or minimum amount that you are willing for the purchase. That will help you to further narrow down your choices to selected few out of the many. Now that you have prioritise your metal type and the budget, you are good to go!
  1. Do your homework before the purchase
Going to the store and buying your piece can be overwhelming. With so many options, and a sales representative attending you, things might get a little intimidating especially to a first time buyer. It’s always advantageous to do your homework before visiting the store. Learn about the few things regarding the clarity and quality of jewelry and metals. For diamonds specifically, you should know about 1) Cut, 2) Colour, 3) Clarity, 4) Carat. For gold, learn about purity. A 24kt Gold means it is 99.99% pure, for 22kt 91.6%, for 18kt, 14kt, and so on. This will not only help you understand better, but also ensures you communicate to the store representative clearly about what you want. One other thing is to ensure the price range. Check online, to get a rough idea about the price ranges of different metals and jewelry types.
  1. Go with a clear mind
Now that you have a rough idea of what your purchase might look like, visit the store with a clear mind. Even though, online purchases might come with discounts, it’s always advisable to see your item in person before selecting the one.
For offline purchases, always be open to checking different stores before fixating onto one. Different stores will allow you better diversity in terms of designs and item costs. That will enable you to have more options to filter from.
It is always better to go with a company. If you are trying to pull off a surprise, take trustable female friend with you. A female perspective on things is definitely a plus to make a choice.
  1. Make sure of the Technicalities and Certifications
The purchase of a ring for your partner is one of the crucial purchases you will make in your life (might also be the most expensive one). Before saying that final yes, make sure all your pointers are crossed- You are aware of the Quality, the Carat, the Metal Type, and all the associate certifications.  
Make sure its certified from the right Govt entity and is accompanied with the store’s appreciation of the purchase. A certified jewelry is not just an assurance of the quality, but a standard for future exchanges in the market.
One other thing to keep in mind is that you are buying the right size for her fingers. It is very crucial because it will not only cost you later to alter it, but importantly will ruin your most-important surprise. The best case scenario will always be to make her accompany you to the store.  This is a great assurance to make sure your purchase is spot on.
These pointers will surely help you to make the best choice for selecting a precious gift for your partner. But that aside, we always advise our customers that the best choice will always be the one that they like the most. Our effort here is just to assist you the best we can to help you choose better.
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