5 Trendy Necklace Trends That’ll Up your Style in 2022

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A new year. New Styles. And New Trends. As the third wave of covid continue to cloud upon us, much of the style statements this year will again be presided over by lockdowns and Zoom calls.  For 2022, designers and experts predict a dominance of simplistic styles and minimalist fashion that will continue to be trend-setters. Because of the impending lockdowns, and offices continue to happen online necklaces, earrings and nose rings will be major players in the style statements of the season.
Among necklaces, gold-plated, sterling silver, and zircon will definitely be go-to metal options for work and casual wear. Even though minimalist fashion will be the talk of the town, Bohemian fashion, and Gothic ranges might also be bold choices to make a mark this season.
We at CatchAJewel bring you a comprehensive list of cool necklace options that are no-brainers for the 2022 style choice. These variants are selected keeping in mind their popularity, style, comfort of wear and versatility with outfit choices.
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 925 Sterling Silver Flower Design Pendant Necklace

Flower Pendant Necklace
One of the popular choices of 2021, the range will continue its dominance in 2022. The pendant necklace offers a unique minimalist and simple style that is a great choice for everyday and casual wear. It is a truly versatile option, and can be carried along with a wide range of wardrobe and outfit choices.

Zircon Studded Retro Pendant Necklace

Ring Pendant Necklace
This necklace offers you a subtle style that is a great choice in minimalist fashion. The beautiful pendant offers you unique hollow circle design that is simply a class apart. It is not too bold, not too flashy, yet a subtle style choice that can be paired with ethnic, as well as modern-fashion outfits. It is a popular choice in work wear, casual fashion, and with party outfits.

Layered Alloy Chain Pendant Necklace

Pendant Necklace
Layered necklaces have been a popular choice for quite a while now, and the trend will continue to ride on its success in 2022. The beautiful design offers a more vibrant visibility as compared to single layer necklaces. Available in both gold and silver variants, it offers a more tangible envelope to stylize for all occasion wear. It is beautiful, bold, elegant, and definitely has a charm on its own.

Pearl Fashion Geometric Pendant Necklace

Stone Pendant Necklace
How can pearls be far behind in necklace fashion. The pearl fashion necklaces offer an elaborate style that is elegant, good looking and stylish. The range offers versatility in terms of design choices and style options that makes way for a sophisticated fashion experience. The range is a top-choice for work wear, small get togethers or parties.

Punk Style Pendant Necklace Gothic Range

Snake Pendant
I know. I know. It is one of those styles that is not for everyone-You either like it or you don’t! But one of the top-sellers in the later part of 2021, this gothic range will definitely revive in 2022. Gothic fashion allows the freedom to go bold and stylish which is a shift from the mundane styles and fashion. The snake pendant necklace has been a favourite among shoppers all over specially with its colour and plating variants. A great choice for casual and work.

Elegant Alphabet Pendant Necklace

Alphabet Necklace
Personalisation will have a prominent footstep in 2022. With the world opening up more, there have never been a better push for “identity” than in the last two years. The Alphabet range allows a personal touch without going too bold and upfront as compared to necklaces with names. They allow a subtle style that can be carried with a wide range of outfit choices for a number of occasions. This is again a great range of neckwear from the minimalist collection that is worth looking up to.
So, there it goes.. Our top-picks in pendant necklaces for 2022.
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